Style My Space Update!

Another update from Naomi Coe and Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors on Jill, our Style My Space winner!

digital nursery

Little Crown Interiors:

Hello again!  We first introduced this Modern, unisex Digital Nursery Design in a previous post – Part 1 – where we shared with you the “before” photos and nursery floor plan.  Now it’s time to move on to the best part: the stuff.  Please keep in mind that we were able to create the entire design remotely – Jill, the homeowner, is in New York, so without meeting face-to-face, our exclusive design methods allowed us to create the perfect design for her!

Jill informed us that she is not finding out the sex of the baby, and that she has modern taste.  She also liked this Oeuf Sparrow Crib.  The combination of these ideas created our design inspiration.

Sparrow Crib in White by Oeuf

Next, we went to work on the colour scheme – which turned to be the very unusual palette of grey with accents of plum, coral red and turquoise.

Finally, we started choosing the furniture, artwork, accessories and lighting.  Here are just a few of the items we chose for Jill’s Nursery Interior Design.

Luca Glider by Monte Design

While it might be tough to imagine how all these things will work together, we promise – this is a very chic design.  Plus, our next post will feature a rendering of Jill’s room – so you can see how everything will look!

That’s it for now…  Be sure to check back regularly to see the progress of this gender neutral baby room, and to get expert design tips from Naomi Coe and Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors, who will guest-blogging through the entire progress of their interior design of Jill’s nursery.  Love the choices so far – especially the vintage map!


A Modern, Gender Neutral Nursery Design for the Style My Space Winner!

When Naomi Coe and Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors agreed to offer one lucky reader their digital design services, I was thrilled to say the least!  I hope you’ve enjoyed being along for the ride – shadowing Naomi and Gerri in putting together a cohesive, well-planned nursery from the ground up.  Take a peek at the finished designs for our winner!

Little Crown Interiors:

Hello again!  We shared our modern, unisex Digital Nursery Design for Jill Stein, the “Style My Space” Winner.  Today, we’re so excited to share our completed design. But first, a little background…

Prelude to the Design:

On a Friday morning in April, we opened our email and found a fun surprise.  Dean Toney of heavystyle had announced the winner of our joint giveaway called “Style My Space”.  Here’s what the winner – Jill – had to say:

“While I live and work in NYC and have worked in fashion for the past nine years, my sense of style (unfortunately) does not translate to a talent for home decor!  I know what I like when I see it, but putting a room together like the girls at Little Crown is a talent that far exceeds my abilities.  My husband works in finance so he’s no help in all seriousness, I absolutely love what they’ve done with the nurseries I’ve seen in their portfolio, and it would be very cool to see what they could do with the space in our loft!  We’re not going to find out the sex of the baby, so it would be an exciting challenge to get their input on how to design a fantastic, gender neutral room that suits our taste (sleek and modern but very baby friendly!).”

The email was both flattering and exciting, especially as we love a good challenge.  A gender neutral nursery definitely requires a special level of care, which we love to give!  Plus, designing a complete nursery for a client outside of Southern California is a specialty of ours that we love to use.

You’re going to paint it what colour??!!

9 times out of 10, the words “gender neutral” bring to mind visions of mild yellows, and subdued greens.  But this time is totally different.  With input from Jill about her style (and existing paint colour in the space), we came up with the colour palette, which could not be more unique.  Believe it or not, we have found a way to make these unconventional colours both coordinate beautifully, and truly provide a space in which Jill’s baby could comfortably reside, never knowing that this room was designed without knowing the gender.

Sleek Dresses

Putting the Pieces Together

As we showed in the earlier posts, the modern design called for sleek furniture, and the gender neutral theme required a measure of caution.

The big picture

As nursery interior designers, there’s always a moment where we look at the design and say to ourselves “what is it that makes this amazing”?  In this case, the off-beat colour scheme was our go-to answer, but what really “made” it for us was the skyline wall decal.  It’s sophisticated, and modern, but let’s be honest – it’s super kid-friendly.  We imaging this child playing in their room: one day pretending they’re in Paris making crepes for breakfast, the next pretending they’re in a far away city gathering treasures to bring home to Mom and Dad.

The nursery unveiled

Without further ado, here are our computer models of Jill’s room

Closing Our Laptops

Our work on this nursery interior design project is done, but Jill’s has just begun… Our hope for these expecting parents is that they enjoy every moment of putting the nursery together: that they will laugh while painting, marvel at the difficulty that even very smart people experience while building a crib, and dream about the memories they will build with their son or daughter over years to come in this very room.  And, of course, we hope she will send finished photos, which we will gladly share with all of you.

Sleek Designs

Thanks again, Naomi and Gerri, for your amazing designs and practical tips.  We hope to continue to learn from you both in the future!  Special thanks to Jill Stein for allowing us to tag along in the process!