Fur In Fashion Is Here To Stay

Probably one of the most controversial trends this season will be exotic furs, both real and faux (synthetic). While animal activists would prefer you wear faux, many people still prefer to wear genuine. No matter how controversial, designers will probably always use animals’ skin and fur for their shoes, clothing, and accessories.

In the Milan Fashion Show for 2015, there were many fur designs, showing that fur was big for 2015. The biggest trend is mixing furs. This works best with a monochrome colour palette, even complementary colours. Mixed furs allow for a great visual display.

Another great trend for 2015 is fur placement. That is, placing fur on an otherwise furless piece. This is when fur is placed in unconventional places. Designers are loving this trend, and you can expect to see more from designers in the coming season.

Fur Dresses

Another great trend in fur is colour blocking. Not only is it top/bottom or left/right colour blocking, but it is actually being used in geometric designs as well. It is a universal trend and can be used in a variety of pieces for men and women. High colour contrasts in fur makes these looks great for daywear, career wear, and nightlife.

Whatever look you are going for, fur can be used to achieve that extra oomph. As mentioned earlier, you can get these looks with faux fur as well. When purchasing a fur piece, you can opt to look for only faux fur designers, as they do exist. However, be warned, some designers say that they use faux fur, but actually use real fur, which are sometimes canine hide. Be sure to always do a little research before the purchase.

No matter if you want genuine or synthetic fur, you should do your homework and know what you are buying before. You want high quality, no matter if it is real or faux. Nevertheless, fur in fashion is here to stay, so have fun with it in your wardrobe.

Fur Designs

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