Love Lids and more from eecee bb!

For quite a few months now, I have been corresponding with Beth Bogle, designer behind eecee bb, about her fabulous, quirky line of clothing for children.  What initially caught my eye about Beth’s designs was her way of assembling Love Lids, like the one above, with rough edges showing.  And who isn’t drawn to pure cashmere!

This Love Lid is the same as the one above – it can be worn in multiple ways to show off its many colours.  My son liked the seam in the front!

eecee bb (prounounced like it’s spelled) stands for the French “ici” meaning “here,” and as Beth states, “embraces the immediacy of imagination and the place where life unfolds.”

Beth, like many of the designers I’ve met, has an interesting combination of education and experience that led her to designing children’s clothing.  With a background in fine art, design and merchandising, and teaching art and French to children, Beth launched eecee bb in 2006, based in Minnesota.  Love the photo of Beth, above, and her rack full of creations!

The most exciting part of our blog, in my opinion, is what Beth calls Child Enlightened Design.  This collaborative process involves your child every step of the way in designing his or her clothing – from the design book to fabric choices to adding custom artwork!  I would have absolutely loved this process as a child – or now even!  See the collaborative process below.

Lydia made a few sketches…


Signature Design
Choose Your Signature Design


chose fabric and trim
chose fabric and trim

Collaborative design doesn’t have to be done in Beth’s studio, either.  Contact Beth to inquire about custom design kits!  What a great gift a design kit would be…and did I mention Beth now creates flower girl skirts and cashmere tops for weddings and other special occasions?  Thanks, Beth, we look forward to seeing more designs soon!  Here are just some of our favourites…it was difficult to choose!

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